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According to the definition found within industry standard ASTM F2389, PP-R means polypropylene random copolymer. PP-R is a copolymer of propylene and at least one comonomer, where the propylene is more than 50% of the composition.
PP Compression Fitting is a versatile most installation friendly, straightforward solution for in-house drainage. The impact-resistant pipe can even be installed when it is frosty. The excellent chemical resistance makes them ideal for fixing applications
CPVC copper tube size (CTS), and pipe size ranging from 1/2 to 24 in. (Sch 40/80) pipe size (IPS). CPVC tubing is SDR11 (1/2 to 2 in.) with standard hydrostatic pressure ratings of 400 psi at 73ºF (2,750 kPa at 23ºC) and 100 psi at 180ºF (690 kPa at 82ºC)
PVC-U Pressure Fitting are manufactured from unplasticised polyvinylchloride polymer which is a thermoplastic material commonly used for potable water distribution, irrigation systems and sewer mains.
PVC conduit is used for underground direct bury and directional drilling applications, it is cheap, easy and lightweight of tube used to protect and route electrical wiring in a building or structure.
PVC ball valves are widely used plastic shut off valves. The valve contains a rotatable ball with a bore is inline or perpendicular to the piping and the flow is opened or blocked by rotating the ball.
Electrical wire is a single electrical conductor. Each wire and cable needs to be installed carefully, from the fuse box to the outlets, fixtures and appliances. Net wire connects a computer or laptop.
Brass inserts and valve core for PP-R are selected the best raw material producers currently on the Chinese market. The brass inserts can be supplied both untreated and with a nickel surface treatment.
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Maisui Workshop Cabinet Workshop
Maisui Workshop Cabinet Workshop
Maisui Workshop Cabinet Workshop
Maisui Workshop Cabinet Workshop
Maisui Workshop Cabinet Workshop
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