PPR 45°Elbow

PPR 45°Elbow

Material: PPR HYOSUNG R200P from Korea , Borealis A140E Technics: Injection Place of Origin: Zhe jiang, China (Mainland) Connection: Welding Shape: Equal, Name: PPR 45°Elbow Color: Green White,Grey ,etc Surface: Smooth Pressure Rating: PN20 Size:20mm-160mm OEM Available Standard: ISO 15874:...

Product Details

 Material:  PPR HYOSUNG R200P from Korea , Borealis A140E
 Technics: Injection
 Place of Origin: Zhe jiang, China  (Mainland)
 Connection: Welding
 Shape: Equal,
 Name: PPR 45°Elbow
 Color: Green White,Grey ,etc
 Surface: Smooth
 Pressure Rating: PN20
 OEM Available
 Standard: ISO 15874:  DIN8077-8078
 Production temperature: -40 - +95°C
 Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001,  AENOR

Permissible Working Pressure And Longevity


Working pressure(bar)

Temperature ℃

Working year(H/Y)

Cold water

0 to10 transient

To 25


Hot water

0 to10 transient

To 60


To 80


 1. Sanitary & non-toxic;
 2. Corrosion resistant & not scaling;
 3. High temperature resistant & high  pressure resistant;
 4. Heat preservation & energy efficient;
 5. Light weight;
 6. Elegant appearance;
 7. Convenient & reliable installation;
 8. Long service life: over 50 years

Product  advantages
 · Long durability due to  the high resistance to aggressive elements, which   gives the system extremely long service life  of 50 years and more.
 ·  Incomparable smooth and porosity-free  internal surface of both pipes and fittings. Which results in a very low  pressure loss and absence of incrustation (reduction of section due to the  limestone and scaling). Nontoxic and Physiologically harmless material.
 ·  Resistance to bacteriological attack thus  enabling safe potable water transfers.
 ·  Resistance to wide range of chemicals and so  corrosion is avoided in service lines.
 ·  Good impact strength so as to be used in all  environments and around buildings.
 ·  Heat preservation and energy saving  abilities. The heat conductivity of PP-R pipes are much lesser than metals and  hence offer significantly high levels of heat preservation for transported  fluids.
 ·  High acoustic insulation against fluid noise.  The fluid flow and hydraulic shocks with in the building create noise which can  be very well avoided by the noise absorption ability of PP-R materials.
 ·  Lighter weight compared to the metallic  piping systems (1/9 of the steel specific gravity).
 ·  Convenient and reliable installation methods.  The PP-R pipes can even be installed in
 suspended form under ceiling without  problem of flexion.

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