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The Welding Steps Of PPR Pipe

- Nov 24, 2017 -

For the installation of PPR piping, we can not be so professional, but understanding the most basic welding procedures can help us better check the installation of water pipes to meet the specifications, so that the safe use of water can be protected.

1, the surface of pipes and joints to ensure clean, smooth, oil-free.

2. You need to mark the pipe insertion attempt. (equal to the socket depth of the connector).

3, the entire embedded to carry out deep heating, including pipes and joints, are in the welding tool.

4, after the completion of heating time, the pipeline smooth and evenly pushed into the joint, so that their combination of solid and perfect.

5, in a few seconds after the pipe joint welding, can adjust the position of the joint.

6, in a short period of time, the connector can be completely with the load.

7, with a self-adjustable hot melt welder to weld the pipe and fittings together, the temperature is 260°c.

8. Connect the machine to the power supply (220v) and wait for a moment when the green light flashes to indicate that it has reached the soldering temperature and started working.

9, because the material weight is light, has the flexibility, all melts can carry on the work stage, this advantage may save the work hours.

10, sometimes in the wall to make certain connections, to pay attention to the junction at such locations have enough space to operate. If the ambient temperature is below 5°c, the heating time is prolonged by 50%.

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