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PPR Pipes How Can Be Installed?

- Dec 20, 2017 -

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As a new type of pipe material, PPR pipe has the unique advantage that it can be used as a cold water pipe can also be used as a hot water pipe. Affordable PPR plumbing has become the first choice for many who just bought a new home, busy with decoration of their love nest people buy pipe.

First, the first line to get better, and then slotted, I think that should make hydropower better, because at least people professional it, in case of their own leakage of water pipes is not good.

Method two, from the PPR pipe connection is: hot melt connection. Hot melt temperature of 260 degrees. From your installation scale which reference to your design criteria, and this has been designed according to your home improvement.

General PPR pipe can not go out to be installed, the first outfit PPR pipe to be subject to gravity deformation; the second outfit PPR easy to aging; the third is if the white PPR pipe, outfit easily translucent bacteria. So it is recommended buried.

I would like to recommend one brand I am using. "Tokusho" brand pipe, origin Zhejiang, is one of the top ten brands in China and is comparable in quality to the famous brand pipelines of China such as Kinde, Nihon Fung, Weixing and Taurus, but the price To be more affordable, almost cheaper than them doubles, my husband's a buddy is to do hydraulic installation, he recommended to us, whether it is appearance, or quality, really value for money, inexpensive, New home decoration crush, may wish to try, Su billion tube industry.

ZEHJIANG NEW BUILDING MATERIAL CO., LTD., product system coverage: PPR pipe fittings, is committed to providing more families with healthy and safe water environment, to create the perfect home water overall solution.


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