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PPR Common Problems And Details

- Dec 21, 2017 -

We are in the purchase of PPR tube, there will be some common problems and details need our attention, here we follow our experience, list some common problems and details for everyone to buy PPR tube for reference.

PPR pipe common problems: The most common problem is leaking, in addition to buying quality water pipes, the installation of norms is also very important; pipe fittings do not twist too tight, so as to avoid cracks and leakage; winter construction should avoid pressing, tapping, collision, Throwing When using PPR threaded brass fittings, sufficient sealing tapes must be used to prevent water leakage at the threads.

PPR pipe details: high quality pipe imported 100% PPR raw materials, smooth appearance, complete logo, the pipe also has anti-counterfeit labels;

Life: quality product warranty 50 years, inferior products only 5 to 6 years;

Toughness: good PPR tube toughness, not broken, inferior tube more brittle, a bend that is broken.

Finally, to remind everyone if you find the walls of the home or the unit moldy foam, blackboard or wood floors with blackboard and thin foam, roof and walk pipe wall parts wet seepage, as soon as possible to check the next pipeline. Netcom pipe industry specializing in the production of PPR pipe, welcome customers to buy, quality assurance.

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