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The original import declaration, can not prove that imported pipe is genuine

- Dec 18, 2017 -

As we all know PPR pipe was invented in Germany, so we have always been more confidence in the German brand of imported pipe, but the domestic known as "Germany imported pipes" many brands, the quality is uneven, and most of them hold the "import declaration" This makes many people scratching their head, are those who hold the "import declaration" pipeline is really pure German descent imported water? In actual fact, to listen to the founder of ppr imported water hose brand Kusunau What is the difference The opinion of it.

Many people think that having an import declaration can prove that the imported water pipe is the original production? In fact, the import declaration can also be faked, and there are three ways to obtain the import declaration.

The first one, to the bonded area can get a copy of the declaration.

The second, the product shipped to the ocean can get a turn around the declaration, but it has to pay shipping, warehousing and other expenses.

The third and most troublesome one is that it takes a little more money to bring the goods to their place of origin and repackage them, as well as to get declarations and to be more genuine

German Kau Shing experts said: You also need a certificate of origin

Customs clearance import declaration, we can know where to import imported pipes, and proven of origin, we can accurately understand the real origin of imported pipes. The so-called certificate of origin is usually provided by the exporter at the request of the importer, issued by a notary office, government or exporter to prove the origin of the goods or a certificate of manufacture. This shows that the certificate of origin is to prove the origin of the goods or the most powerful evidence of manufacturing.

In short, regardless of whether the imported water pipes went back to that country and came back in a circle, it was not really imported from Germany. Germany did not give "green cards." There could only be one "birthplace." So, is not a German look at the original production will know.

These are the German kosun to provide us with the import declaration and certificate of origin, as the prp pipe imports of the founding brand, Germany Kusheng 40 years consistently adhere to full factory production.

Consumers can also screen imported pipe by other means

In addition to passing customs declarations and provenance of origin, Kusunau's experts also guide us to several common ways of identifying quality imported plumbing.

1 imported high-quality pipe material mixed, temperature pressure resistance, so the color is bright and oil texture, these we can observe through the eyes can be observed.

2 touch the inner and outer wall of the imported pipe is smooth, with or without bump cracks, is also an effective way to identify the quality of imported water pipes.

3 In the welding, if there is a stimulating smell, that imported water pipe must not be produced in Germany formal high quality imported water pipe.

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