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Plastic pipe industry in our country

- Dec 23, 2017 -

China's pipeline industry itself problems. The pipeline industry's system is not very sound, the industry is less concentrated, influential in the entire industry less, and most small and medium-sized pipeline companies. These small and medium-sized enterprises generally have obvious disadvantages such as small scale, obsolete equipment, single product, low technical content and lack of market competitiveness. China's pipeline industry is facing a severe test. The pipeline industry is the downstream industry of real estate. Its development has been closely linked with the real estate industry. The overall real estate industry has slowed down. The sales in the pipeline industry are bound to be affected. The pipeline industry is becoming more and more differentiated. The development of small and medium-sized pipelines enterprises is even more slow or even declining. The brand pipeline enterprises occupy certain advantages and get better development.

In recent years, rising prices, the pipeline industry, raw materials have also risen, product prices have risen beyond the heart of many consumers, pipe sales are facing unprecedented pressure. Pipeline industry frequently burst "quality door" incident, facing the integrity crisis. A series of quality doors to the pipeline industry hit an unprecedented hit. In addition, international trade barriers still exist, which to some extent affected the development of China's pipeline industry.

Domestic pipeline industry opportunities and advantages. Property market regulation and control policies for the pipeline industry to bring about changes in the channel, which is to improve the channels of the pipeline industry an opportunity to promote the restructuring and upgrading of the pipeline industry, and develop a more complete system of sales channels. China's pipeline market there is still a large number of blank market. Pipeline products in the second and third tier market share is very low, the development of these markets is bound to greatly promote the pipeline industry. The pipeline to the countryside has become a new fashion, just like home appliances and automobiles. The country's policy of "developing the western region" and "building a new countryside" provide a great boost. Visible, China's pipeline market in the second and third tier cities has a huge opportunity for development and potential.

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