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Analysis on the design of the same layer drainage in residential toilets

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The same layer drainage form of residential toilet should be based on the factors such as toilet, sanitary appliance arrangement, outdoor ambient temperature and so on. The design principles of the same layer drainage are as follows:

1, floor drain in the same layer drainage is more difficult to handle, the floor drain should be arranged in the vicinity of the sanitation apparatus which can splash water, satisfies the water seal depth at the same time also must have the good hydraulic self-cleaning flow rate, therefore only then in the floor entire drop plate or the partial descending plate as well as the standpipe external wall laying the situation to be possible to do.

2, the same layer of drainage is the core drainage unobstructed, so the drainage pipe diameter, slope, design full degree to conform to the norms, deliberately for the less down plate to put small slope, or even slope, for the future pipeline buried hidden dangers.

3, buried in the filling of the pipeline interface to be closely impervious and can withstand the test of time, the recommended use of bonding and welding pipeline connection.

4, sanitary equipment drainage performance and drainage to the drainage of the horizontal branch of the gap between, the drop too small will cause sanitary equipment drainage detention.

5. When the drainage transverse branch pipe is arranged in the groove, the backfill material and the surface layer should be able to carry the load of the apparatus and equipment.

6, the bathroom floor should take the reliable side seepage measure, especially for the partial drop plate and the whole drop board, prevents the formation of the dirt-storing layer.

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