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Analysis of the development trend of China's plastic pipe products

- Dec 19, 2017 -

"China PPR pipe industry demand for production and marketing and investment forecast analysis report" pointed out that by 2015, in the country's new construction, renovation and expansion project, 85% of the construction of drainage pipes using plastic pipe, building rainwater pipes 80% of the plastic pipe, urban drainage Plastic pipe is used up to 50% of the plastic pipe in the pipeline, plastic pipe is used in 85% of the building water supply, hot water supply and heating pipe, plastic pipe is used in 80% of the urban water supply pipe (below DN400mm), plastic pipe is used in 90% of the urban water supply pipe, Tube (medium and low pressure pipe) applications reached 40%, construction wire threading sheath 90% of the plastic pipe.

It is predicted that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's plastic pipe production will maintain a growth rate of about 10%. By 2015, it is expected that the national plastic pipe production will be close to 12 million tons. The market share of plastic pipe in all kinds of pipelines in the country will exceed 60%.

PPR pipe formally known as random copolymer polypropylene pipe, is currently used in home improvement projects in a water supply pipe. PPR pipe raw material quality control problems, PPR is (PP and PE) by the gas phase synthesis of random copolymer polypropylene, its structural characteristics is the PE molecule is not randomly linked among PP molecules, molecular weight ranging from 300,000 to 800,000 . PPR raw materials used to produce pipe, also known as random copolymer polypropylene pipe, is the late 1980s, early 90s development and application of plastic pipe products.

It has its own excellent performance and a wide range of applications, has occupied a place in the plastic pipe market, is recognized as green products. However, in recent years, the market operation, PPR plastic pipe quality analysis of the above examples also found that there have been many problems PPR pipe market, which to a large extent restricted the sound development of PPR pipe.

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