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Why Household Water Pipe PPR Is Better

- Nov 24, 2017 -

PPR Tube is the most used in home improvement of a pipe, because of its own advantages are favored, under the Wei star tube industry for everyone to introduce why the domestic water pipe PPR better, and what are the advantages.

I. Classification of water pipes

At present, the main water pipe in the market is divided into the following: PPR tube, aluminum-plastic tube, pert tube, PB tube, galvanized pipe, copper tube, etc., PPR tube market share is the largest, is the mainstream of the decoration products.

Second, the advantages of PPR Tube

At home, if hot cold water mixed with the water pipe, the unified use of hot water pipes, PPR tube thickening After the heat pipe can ensure a stability, in the future hot and cold exchange is not prone to damage. In addition, the biggest advantage of PPR tube is its pipe and pipe fittings for hot melt, after hot melt pipe and pipe fittings, this tube directly buried in the underground or wall, there is little risk later.

III. Reasons for the elimination of aluminum-plastic tubes

The true quality of the aluminum-plastic tube is good, but because of the material problems involved, the domestic materials and the corresponding connectors may appear some problems, such as in the bend when the crack, or the joint leakage. Aluminum-plastic pipe in connection with metal joints, the use of compression-type method, simple operation, but not reliable, hot and cold water exchange time after a long, compact type of things easy to loosen, copper interface is easy to leak. The reasons for this are that the aluminum tubing is no longer popular and is replaced by the PPR tube.

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