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Wenzhou Municipal United Front Work Department To Visit The German Group To Carry Out The Blue-sky Relay, Create Greater Glories Publicity Gathering Activities

- Dec 18, 2017 -

On July 19, 2017, the media such as the United Front Work Department of Wenzhou Municipality, Wenzhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce Wenzhou Network, World Wenzhou People's Magazine, World Wenzhou People Cloud Community and other media carried out the propaganda and collecting and gathering activities with the theme of "blue and blue relay, greater glories" Visit the head of the German delegation to visit. Yueqing Municipal Committee United Front Work Department, Deputy Director Chen Chung-ming, accompanied by a copy-style troupe visited. Yu Jiao Rong, vice president of Germany Group, received the enthusiastic reception of the wind mining delegation.


Yu Jiao Rong, vice president of Germany Group, introduced the company's development scale, corporate culture, honor qualification and future development goals to the leadership team of the Cai Teng delegation. Positive demonstration of the younger generation of private entrepreneurs Patriotic dedication, law-abiding operators, entrepreneurship and innovation, the typical story of social return.


The first German group was founded in 2004, after more than a dozen years of development and growth, and the first in the industry put forward the "one-stop procurement" program to solve, has formed a complete PPR water supply system, PVC drainage system, PVC electric pipe system, Strong electric cable system, weak cable system, bathroom hardware system building materials product chain, sales network covering cities and counties, equipped with high-quality delivery, technical advice and after-sales service. And with Liang Liang real estate, real estate and other top ten real estate developers room to open a project to establish a strategic cooperation.

It is believed that in the near future, German premier will surely become such a huge Wenzhou as described in the main task of cultivating the "blue-sky relay": "having a responsibility to play, a business capable, political orientation and cultural connotation" enterprise.

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