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Water Pipe Installation Without Worry

- Dec 20, 2017 -

The pipes used for decoration are all PPR pipes with longer service life and easier installation. The PPR pipe installation is hidden in the more important part of the project, renovation who need to understand the installation process.

Step 1 Material Acceptance

The quality of the construction materials directly affects the construction quality and the hidden dangers brought by the poor materials brought by the future use. Before installation should be strictly checked water pipes, water pipes inside and outside the wall should be smooth, smooth, no bubbles, cracks, cracks, depression, peeling and severe cold spots and obvious signs.

Step 2 submit the scene

Installers should carefully read the drawings to confirm the location of water heaters, sinks, washbasins, washing machines and other facilities and equipment to understand the owners or designers have no special requirements, if there are special requirements should be in accordance with the owner or designer instructions for construction.

Step 3 Pipe cutting.

For unnecessary waste during installation, the installer should cut the length of tubing required to measure the length of tubing. Pipe cutting using a dedicated pipe cut off, pipe scissor bayonet should be adjusted to match the cutting diameter, rotary cutting should be uniform afterburner, pipe cutting, the cross-section should be perpendicular to the pipe axis, cut off, the whole cross-section fracture No burr.

PPR pipe and pipe fittings connected by hot melt method, hot melt connection, easy to operate, air tightness, high interface strength. Before connecting, you should clear the dust and foreign matter on the pipelines and accessories. Pipe connection by welding machine heating pipe and pipe fittings, pipe and pipe fittings hot melt depth and time should meet the requirements. Do not rotate when hot-welding. When connecting the tube with wire, wrap the raw material tape to ensure the sealing.

Step 5 pipe fixed

In order to ensure that the water pipe will be used in future, it will not be resonated by water pressure, so all the water pipes should be fixed with the pipe clamp. Pipe card spacing in the 400-500mm, 25mm in diameter below the pipe, corner and water meter at the end of the pipeline and 100mm set pipe card. If the special circumstances go to the trough of water pipes, mortar landfill thickness required> 100mm.

Suppress acceptance points

◎ after the installation of water pipes, to carry out the pressure test, all installed after the bend must be installed inside the head or triangular valve to ensure that the seal.

◎ water pressure test is to ensure the quality of the water pipe and the installation of quality testing, water pipe pressure using the pump into the pipe into the pressure ≥ 0.6Mpa (some manufacturers in order to reflect the quality of their own brand of pipe, pipe pressure recommended 0.8Mpa.), Manometry Time is not less than 30 minutes, pressure drop <0.05Mpa.

◎ water pipe installation, should be horizontal and vertical, left hot right cold, spacing ≥ 30mm. Hot and cold water pipe spacing of not less than 150mm. Hot and cold water pipes can not be worn with a hole should be opened separately. Water pipe and gas pipe parallel deposition, the distance ≥ 50mm, cross-laying distance ≥ 10mm. Balcony need to install water pipes, water valves should be installed.

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