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Warmly Congratulate German First Group Through The European AENOR CertificationWarmly Congratulate German First Group Through The European AENOR Certification

- Dec 18, 2017 -

In order to more effectively ensure the safety and reliability of the company's products, the German group since 2015, the establishment of the "AENOR certification team" and work together with the Spanish Association for Certification, after more than a year of hard work and finally made in Europe AENOR Certification. This marks the first German group will further enter the European market, to participate in the European home improvement building materials industry competition. This also means that our company can provide customers with higher standards and better service, meanwhile, it will enhance the company's competitiveness in relevant business fields and lay a solid foundation for the expansion of the company's business.


AENOR is an organization dedicated to the development and standardization (S + C) of all industrial and service sectors. Its goal is to improve the company's quality and competitiveness and environmental protection.

On February 26, 1986 under Royal Decree 1614/1985, AENOR was designated by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for the execution of these activities and was accredited as a standardization body and as a certification body by Royal Decree 2200/1995, which was ratified by Industrial Law 21 / 1992 release.

In Spain, AENOR is a certified leader and has distributed nearly 18,000 ISO9001 quality management, more than 3,000 ISO14001 environmental management certificates and nearly 72,000 products with the AENOR logo.


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