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The Main Advantages Of PPR Tube

- Nov 24, 2017 -

1. Light Quality

20 ℃ density is 0.90g/cm3, the weight is only one-nineth of steel pipe, the copper tube one-tenth, light weight, greatly reduce the construction strength.

2. Good heat resistance

Instantaneous use of temperature of 95 ℃, long-term use, the temperature of up to 75 ℃, is currently the most ideal indoor hot and cold water pipe.

3, Corrosion resistance

Non-polar materials, all ions in the water and the chemical substances of the building are not chemical action, will not rust and corrosion.

4, low thermal conductivity

With good thermal insulation performance, used in hot water system, there is no need for additional insulation materials.

5. Small pipe Resistance

The smooth inner wall of the pipe makes the resistance less than the metal pipe and consumes less energy.

6, the pipeline connection is firm

With good hot melt performance, hot melt connection will be the same material pipe and pipe fittings into a perfect whole, to prevent the leakage of hidden dangers.

7, Health, non-toxic

In the production, construction, use of the environment non-polluting, belong to green building materials.

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