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The Difference Between PPR Tube And Aluminum-plastic Tube

- Nov 24, 2017 -

1, from the connection, the aluminum-plastic tube is a physical connection, simple and convenient, unless the improper operation, its security and reliability is very high. PE and PP-R are hot-melt or electro-fusion connection, the process is complex, easy to produce a heap defect area, resulting in stress concentration, thus affecting the long-term performance of pipelines; In addition, the local high temperature of the fused wire facilitates the degradation of pipeline materials and accelerates the aging of pipelines.

2, from the long-term health performance, aluminum-plastic tubes in the middle of the aluminum can isolate oxygen, microbial and algae plants are not easy to breed, the outer layer of PE allows the addition of antioxidant, will not cause internal water pollution. PE pipe and PP-R tube can not block oxygen, easily lead to microbial and algae reproduction, affect the health of drinking water, and contains a large number of antioxidant, easy to cause water pollution.

3, from the high temperature resistance, the long-term use temperature of the aluminum-plastic tube is 95 ℃, the maximum use temperature is 110 ℃, it can meet the needs of domestic water; PE pipe with the temperature increase its performance rapidly decline, only limited to cold water transport; PP-R GB standard long-term use temperature of 70 ℃, The maximum use temperature is 95 ℃, which has some limitations in the use of hot water pipe.

4, from the anti-aging performance look, the structure of the aluminum-plastic tube is stable, and the outer layer PE is separated, allowing enough light and anti oxygen stabilizers to be added without affecting the inner hygiene of the contact water; the structure of PE pipe is stable, but the single layer is not conducive to adding stabilizer, which leads to two pollution of water body in pipeline. The PP-R tube contains a large number of unstable tert-carbon atoms, which are susceptible to aging by light, oxygen and impurities.

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