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The Difference Between PPR Hot And Cold Water Pipe

- Nov 24, 2017 -

PPR Tube is a home life for heating systems, waterway transformation of important materials, PPR pipe divided into 2 kinds of hot and cold water pipe.

The main difference between the PPR hot and cold water pipe is the tolerance pressure, the tolerance pressure of the cold water pipe is 1.6 or 1.0 MPA, and the tolerable pressure of the hot water pipe is 2.0 or 1.6 MPa. PPR Cold water pipe is generally used as water pipe, hot pipes are generally use as heating pipe, but also for the hot water heater pipe. If cold water is to be worked on a hot water pipe with a large working pressure (such as a heating tube), it can cause the wall to rupture, but this is not absolute, some pipes to the cold water can also be used to survive, but anyway, cold water pipes do hot water pipe is not allowed, hot water pipe when cold water can be used. Cold water pipe and hot water pipe tolerance pressure is different, wall thickness, price is also different, hot water pipe than cold pipe wall thickness, the price is expensive. Hot water pipe logo has red line, if the same specifications of PPR pipe wall thickness can distinguish between hot and cold water pipe. In addition, hot and cold water is best used in a brand, there are accessories, select the time to choose those with bright color and oil texture of the pipe, tube inside and outside the wall to have luster, no bump cracks, weight to choose a heavier.

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