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Recycled Plastic Bottles - Open The Chinese Market Just Around The Corner

- Dec 23, 2017 -

Abandoned plastic bottles can be used for clothes, motorcycle helmets, fishing line, packing rope ... or simply used in food packaging, to achieve an unlimited recycling cycle. These are not unattainable high-tech ideas, nor the developed countries stand out of patented technology, but the domestic environmental technology at your fingertips. It is understood that recycled plastic (PET) bottle is expected to enter the Chinese market in the near future.

Although it is still the first of its kind in the country, it is not a precedent internationally. Since raw materials for plastic packaging come from petroleum, in order to save resources, many developed countries have developed plastic packaging recycling technology, as early as 1991, recycled PET chips have been used in food packaging.

The good barrier of PET material makes it the most important packaging material for all kinds of carbonated drinks, fruit juices, dairy products, tea drinks, mineral water and other foods and drinks. In China, all PET bottles are made from virgin PET raw materials extracted from petroleum. Up to 3 million tons of PET bottles consume more than 18 million tons of PET oil each year, which also brings tremendous environmental pressure.

Within the scope of Beijing, the total amount of discarded PET bottles produced annually can reach 150,000 tons, about 6 billion waste plastic bottles. However, the "Recycling Forces" distributed in the streets and neighborhoods around the community bring about the deterioration of appearance, noise, sewage and waste of resources through the extensive "Recycling Market Trading Chain", and the low value-added products they produce are both Can not be recycled and cause great harm to the environment.

With the development of technology for the production of recycled PET chips, all the health indicators of recycled PET chips have reached the national raw PET slice food hygiene standards. The recycled PET raw materials will be used for food packaging. Regenerative food grade PET slices can be directly used in food packaging, so as to achieve 100% of the infinite recycling, which greatly saves the consumption of oil resources.

At the same time, the resource recycling industry has also become a new industry. As the first renewable food-grade PET chip manufacturer in China and Asia, Innolux Renewable Resources Ltd. has implemented PET bottle products made from virgin PET materials, recycled PET bottles into recycled PET bottles and closed loop PET bottle products Feedback recycling, recycling model, and reached the relevant national standards, the recycled PET chips are food-grade standards, can be used in the production of food packaging, which opened up China PET bottle recycling, homogenization of the conversion precedent.

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