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Poor Quality Ppr Tube Harm To The Human Body

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Today, the market, the well-known unknown and more complex pipe, pipe market can be described as a mixed bag. However, some unscrupulous pipe manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of cheap scrap scrap or factory waste as raw materials to produce pipe, the quality of this pipe is far below the standard, the use of not only prone to brittle fracture, burst pipe Safety accidents, but also to consumers in great harm to health Soon deso pipe industry to give you to explain the poor quality of the PPR tube to the human body how much harm.

1: security risks

        Poor quality pipe manufacturers often use low-quality recycled materials to produce pipe, the recovery of the material contains a variety of uncertainties, so the molecular structure is very unstable, so you can not guarantee the quality of products, products prone to brittle fracture in the course of the use of pipe explosion, etc. Accident, to consumers at home buried safety problems.

2: endanger health

        Pure PP-R raw materials are non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics of the molecular chain only C, H two kinds of elements, does not contain any toxic elements, does not release any harmful substances, only after combustion produces only carbon dioxide and water, therefore, High-quality PP-R pipe non-toxic and tasteless, are green building materials. However, the use of poor quality recycled materials used in complex chaos, the manufacturers do not consider the existence of health risks of recycled materials, and some recycled materials even from disposable medical supplies, such recycled materials produced pipe will cause secondary pollution to tap water, consumers Long-term use will have a great health hazard.

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