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Home Burst Burst How To Do?

- Dec 20, 2017 -

1, coping measures - to reduce damage

Step one: the most urgent measure is to run to the water supply valve and immediately shut down, and then report to the property department as soon as possible.

Step two: If the water pipe burst serious, and the valve from the water supply pipe too far, you can first towel wrapped rupture of the water pipe to reduce the damage caused by water flow.

2, preventive measures - carefully selected tube

At present, the mainstream of home improvement pipe is PP-R pipe, and some manufacturers use of recycled materials, waste and other production of PP-R pipe, often not withstand temperature and pressure performance of the standard or have blisters, resulting in squib, leakage And other issues. Therefore, when buying pipe to take preventive measures, you can choose Su Yi boutique PPR pure home improvement pipe.

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