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Five Strokes Teach You To Identify The PPR Tube Is Good Or Bad

- Dec 19, 2017 -

PPR pipe, also known as polypropylene pipe, to put it plainly is that we ordinary people living in the water for the transformation, heating system, an important material. In the waterway, heating these hidden works without leaving a hidden danger, the choice of high quality PPR pipe is particularly important, then how to distinguish the PPR pipe is good or bad?


First touch the surface of the pipe, to experience the texture is delicate, the particles are uniform. Now on the market PPR tube mainly white, gray, green several colors, under normal circumstances, recycled plastic do not become white, so many people often think that white is the best, in fact, this view is more one-sided. With the improvement of technology, the color is not a good criterion to distinguish PPR tube.

Second smell

Close to the nose near the pipe smells smell. Because PPR pipe is the main material is polypropylene, good pipe is no smell, and poor some strange taste, which is likely to be in the polyethylene polypropylene, so the smell of the pipe is best not to selected.

Three pinch

High-quality PPR pipe has a certain hardness, pinch pinch with your fingers, feel more hard, not easily deformed. Seemingly flexible, easily deformed tube, either quality problems, or not PPR tube.

Four hit

Good quality PPR pipe, with a certain degree of resilience, tough and not friable, medium strength can be broken pipe is not a good natural PPR pipe. But the hardness is not equal to the good elasticity, how to smash the PPR tube, but also careful consideration. Because some unscrupulous manufacturers by adding too much calcium carbonate and other impurities to improve the hardness of the pipe, such a poor toughness of the pipe, prone to brittle fracture over time.

Five burning

As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire refining, testing fire PPR tube method is very intuitive and very useful. A good PPR pipe burns smoke-free and tasteless, the melt is clear and transparent. Poorly-mixed tubing, which contains recycled plastic or other impurities, can smoky or even pungent odor during combustion.

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