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Environmental Protection And Energy Saving Plastic Box, Can Achieve Fruits And Vegetables Fresh, Moisturizing, Durability

- Dec 23, 2017 -

At present, the eco-friendly plastic box was born in Shanghai. The environmentally friendly smart plastic box by the Shanghai Xin Seoul New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed. In addition, the biggest feature of eco-friendly plastic box is environmental protection, energy saving, can achieve the preservation of fruits and vegetables, moisturizing, durability.

       The eco-friendly plastic box works by placing fruits and vegetables in a completely sealed environment with certain negative pressure and adjustable environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and ozone, so that fruits and vegetables can be put into dormancy by regulating, inducing and controlling their respiration Off state. At the same time, eco-friendly plastic box can inhibit the activity of microorganisms, so that the shelf life of mature conditions extended to 60 days or more.

       The advent of this eco-friendly plastic box allows fresh fruits and vegetables to be eaten daily by staff in border posts, island garrisons, desert oil wells, geological prospecting, ocean-going vessels and military replenishment.

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