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What's the difference between good and bad

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Now ppr pipe fittings a lot of manufacturers, ppr pipe raw materials are polypropylene (random copolymer polypropylene), ppr pipe fittings using different brands of raw materials to produce products in the performance of a certain difference, coupled with different levels of production lines , Ppr pipe produced by various manufacturers pipe quality is good or bad quality gap. Ppr pipe pipe used in the installation must be tested before, ppr pipe fittings identified qualified quality before use. Ppr pipe fittings used should first have the quality inspection report of the quality inspection department, which used for drinking water ppr pipe fittings should also have hygienic inspection department health performance inspection report, and then also test the appearance of pipe and fittings quality and pipe Diameter and wall thickness, testing ppr pipe fittings according to GB / T 18742.2-2002, GB / T18742.3? 2002 and other national standards mainly test the following items:

1, ppr pipe fittings appearance. ppr pipe fittings should be the same color, ppr pipe fittings inside and outside surfaces should be smooth, smooth, no depression, bubbles and other surface defects that affect performance, ppr pipe pipe should not contain visible impurities; ppr pipe pipe surface should be smooth, flat, not Allow cracks, bubbles, peeling and obvious impurities, severe shrinkage and uneven color, decomposition of discoloration and other defects.

2, ppr pipe fittings opacity. ppr pipe fittings should be opaque.

3, ppr pipe pipe diameter and wall thickness. ppr pipe fittings according to GB / T18742.2-2002 national standards, according to the size of the pipe is divided into S5, S4, S3.2, S2.5, S2 five series. ppr pipe pipe series S and nominal pressure have the corresponding correspondence, ppr pipe pipe specifications with pipe series S, nominal diameter dn * nominal wall thickness en said ppr pipe pipe main test pipe nominal diameter, the average diameter and the average Tube corresponding to the wall thickness, pipe socket size and the corresponding nominal diameter.

4, ppr pipe fittings physical and chemical properties. ppr pipe pipe hydrostatic test, the melt flow rate, hydrostatic stability test and the longitudinal tube shrinkage, Charpy impact test is in line with national standards, ppr pipe pipe can check the inspection of the material Report content and retest report content.

5, ppr pipe fittings of the health performance is in line with national standards. ppr pipe pipe This can check the health inspection department of ppr pipe fittings health performance inspection report.

Deso Holding group is specialized in PPR system for cold and hot  water supplying, PVC drainage pipes and fittings system, PVC electrical pipes, plastic electric wires since 2004. 

Deso is builded up of an industrial zone in Yueqing city, ZheJiang provience, which covers 20000 square meters. Now we have  about 50 sets of extruding machines, injection machines and other machines for PPR pipe system and PVC pipe system. And there are more than 150 employees in our factory. 

The products are made according to ISO standards.  Deso passed the SGS ISO9001 internatial management conformity and ISO14000, AENOR(ISO15874) certificate, CE, CCC, MA Test Report etc certificates

Deso has received the trust from all the clients from Europe, Mid - East, Southeast Asia, North Africa, Australian, South Korea, etc  we 'd like to cooperate with new and old customer to build up spendid future . 


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