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The maintenance knowledge of the warm tube can not be neglected

- Nov 24, 2017 -

In particular, heating when the tube appears plugging, often affect the user's household heating, so in the day-to-day use of a good maintenance warm tube.

For some special cases of the warm tube, care should be taken to avoid causing the trouble. For example, connecting to the kitchen and bathroom, or to the balcony, the pipe is long to pass through the living room or room.

Because the pipe is not buried in the wall or is laid under the floor, once the problem, the consequences are serious, so do not have joints in the middle, and to properly enlarge the diameter to avoid blockage.

Hot water piping should not be galvanized iron pipe, to prevent water pipe corrosion and production scale, and to take heat insulation measures. Can use professional pipeline curing agent.

The need for regular cleaning and disinfection of water pipelines, sterilization, keep the sewer pipe unobstructed, to prevent the pipeline become a breeding ground for germs. In the selection of maintenance products and dredge products, we should pay attention to the safety of products, as far as possible selection of high rate of bacteria, by the professional authority to detect products.

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