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Teach you how to buy PPR Hose

- Nov 24, 2017 -

A touch, to see whether the texture is smooth and delicate, many people tend to enter the wrong, think the white is the best, with the improvement of technology, color is not to distinguish the quality of the standard, now the market PPR tube mainly has three kinds of lime green color, need to touch the material is rough.

Two smell, as the name implies is to see if there is smell, good PPR pipe is odorless, the natural smell is not good tubing.

Three pinch, PPR pipe hardness is very large, if you can pinch deformation is certainly not good.

Four hit, if a smashing on the calcium carbonate filler is more, it is not a good PPR tube, but the smashing is not necessarily good, but also to synthesize the factors.

Five burning, if the black smoke and have a pungent odor indicates that PPR pipe mixed with recycled plastic and other impurities, the other good pipe not only not to take black smoke, no smell, and the molten liquid is very clean.

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