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PPR Pipe Full Specification

- Jun 03, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Material: PPR

  • Type: Thermoplastic Pipe

  • Hollow: Hollow

  • Usage: Water Supply Pipe

  • Application: Cold and Hot Water

  • Function: Flexible

  • Size: Customized

  • Standard: GS ISO9001 SGS Ce

  • Connection: Hot Melt

  • Transport Package: Standard Packing

  • HS Code: 3917390000

  • Hardness: Hard Tube

  • Color: Color

  • Shape: Round

  • Name: PPR Water Supply Pipe

  • Colour: Grey Green White Customized

  • Thickness: 2.0mm-32.1mm

  • Length: Customized

  • OEM: Available

  • Trademark: Deso

  • Origin: China

  • Product Description

Antibacterial PPR Environmental & Health Water Supply Pipes
Product Introduction 
This pipe is produced with propylene-ethylene (1%~4% ethylene content) copolymer by extrusion. In addition to special properties of common plastic pipes including no rust, no scale, small flow resistance, low processing energy consumption, PP-R pipe also has long service life, good impact resistance under low temperature and no deformation under high temperature (90oC) as well as good sweating soldering performance. It will have a service life up to 50 years if it is used for transport of 70oCand 1.0MPa hot water. It is the best product to replace galvanized pipes.
Executive Standard: 08/118742.2-2002

Product Characteristics 
1. It is health, non-toxic, no rust, never scaling, fully meeting GB17219~1998 drinking water standard. The PP-R is completely formed by C and H elements, no assistant added; 
2. Resistance to high temperature and pressure, max water temperature up to 95oC; pressure resistance may be over 4MPa; material softening temperature is 140oC; 
3. It is connected by sweating soldering, producing integrated pipe and pipe fittings. It is safe and reliable without any leakage. The tensile strength, bending strength and impact resistance strength at connections are higher than the pipe itself; 

4. Low coefficient of thermal conductivity, only 1/200 of heavy metal. Good heat preservation performance; 

5. Light in weight, only 1/8 of metal pipe. Low construction intensity and easy construction . The density is 0.9g/cm3; 
6. Good tenacity and impact resistance; 
7. Smooth inner wall, less pressure loss, fast flow speed, friction coefficient only 0.007, water passing capacity 30% higher than metal pipe; 
8. Good chemical corrosion resistance, long service life and capable of 50-year's continuous operation. Capable of resisting corrosion of general chemicals, no rust, no corrosion, no bacterium and no electro-chemical corrosion;

9. Environmental-friendly, no pollution to the environment during production, construction and use, no pollution from plastic wastes, and capable of being recycled and reused. It is a green and environmental-friendly product; 

Application Fields 
 1. Cold and hot water supply piping systems of civil buildings. 
 2. Hot-water circulation systems such as: air conditioning pipes, residential heating pipes and swimming pool pipe networks.
 3. Pipe networks in food, chemical, electronic industries.
 4. Pipe networks in production systems of drinking waters, such as pure water and mineral water.
 5. Pipes for industrial compressed air.
 6. Other industrial and agricultural pipes.


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