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PPR pipe installed, the pressure test points to be divided into several steps

- Dec 20, 2017 -


1, the test must be carried out after completion of the waterway construction 24H;

2, before the hydrostatic test pipeline must be fixed, the connector exposed Lu, shall not be hidden, the end of the wire must be sealed;

3, the pressure can be manually test pump, pressure time not less than 10Min, instrument accuracy should be 0.05Mpa

4, After the pipe is filled with water, the air in the pipe should be discharged first to check the watertightness.

5, pressurized to the prescribed test pressure value, the regulator 1H, observe whether leakage phenomenon joints; 1H after the pressure to the prescribed pressure test value, 15Min minute pressure drop does not exceed 0.05Mpa qualified; Note: The provisions of the test pressure is usually tap water pressure (3.5Mpa or so) of 1.5 times, and not less than 0.6Mpa, it is recommended 0.8Mpa, that is, 8KG.

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