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Necessity of rebuilding old PPR water-pipe

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Urban water supply pipe network, drainage pipeline, power network, Gas pipe network and other components of the city's main pipeline supply system. But old PPR water pipe network, electric power network and so on may appear a variety of problems, such as pipeline aging, old pipe near scrap transformation, water damage, and so on, then more needs to be reformed. The following Wei star tube industry to introduce to you the new and old PPR tube the importance of transformation.

To the old city to implement water supply PPR pipeline, road network transformation is imperative, it must be implemented, at the same time the national departments to ensure the detailed implementation plan of the transformation plan, but also to make a yearly transformation arrangements, do a good job of economic budget, to ensure that the old network transformation of water supply pipeline to promote

In the face of the problem layer of various old water pipelines, water supply system optimization and transformation become the focus, especially the underground water supply pipeline, electric power pipeline project investment is increased. It is necessary to scientifically and rationally carry out the planning and design of pipeline reconstruction, to ensure the reliable transformation of piping system, the technical economy of the transformation of pipe network, and to ensure the timely supply of urban water.

PPR Water Supply Pipe Network is a pipeline system that can not be separated from the life, especially in the old network reconstruction. In the transformation of PPR pipeline, the hydraulic performance of the pipe network is improved, and the reliability of the pipe network is not reduced and the pipeline is reformed. The old pipes are usually scrapped when new pipelines are installed, tested, and dragged into operation, before new pipes are completed with water.

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