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Liansu plumbing: Home improvement users have to choose the eight reasons

- Dec 18, 2017 -

At present, the plastic pipe with high utilization rate in the home improvement industry, such as PPR pipe and PVC pipe, is very common. Many renovated houses have heard similar names during decoration. But really want to study what is the specific concept of this material pipeline which brand is good, the answer is unknown. In fact, you want to understand these problems is not difficult, just find a good brand in the industry wind evaluation, and then just a little exploration. It is understood that in the field of pipe usage and reputation are very good brand - Liansu pipe, in the pipeline sector called "big brother" level. Liansu Plastic Pipe has 31 years of research and development and production of pipe technology, its brand influence and quality can be rated as the industry benchmark, the production of plastic pipe by consumers trust and love. So, Liansu why of water pipes so many users trust, in fact, this should be linked with the plastic pipe eight advantages are inseparable.


Eight reasons for the choice of plastic pipe plumbing:

Plastic hose: ingenuity quality, quality is guaranteed

Select the water pipe, people are more concerned about the quality of the problem to the number of pipes, only the quality assurance, will be reassuring in the course of use, but the product quality and business backup support are inseparable. Liansu pipelines under the water - Liansu water pipes, relying on China's Liansu 31 years of brand and production R & D advantages in the home improvement industry enjoyed a high reputation reputation, led to the high quality of the Liansu water pipes.

Green and healthy, people at ease

There are two types of civil water pipes: one is the water supply pipes; the other is the drainage pipes. Among them, the water supply pipe which is closely related to our body, whether it is drinking daily water, washing clothes, It is important to choose whether to supply green water to the pipes for transportation. Liansu water pipes as a public word of mouth brand, using a green and healthy materials made to ensure the health of water.

Smooth inner wall, smooth flow of water

When it comes to plugging water pipes, it should be a considerable headache in people's daily life. In particular, the plugging of drains is even more annoying. Then, why the pipeline will be blocked? In fact, it is inextricably linked to the smoothness of the pipe wall. Because only to ensure that the wall smooth enough to smooth water flow. Liansu water pipes as the benchmark brand of water pipes, pipe wall inside and outside smooth, ensuring a smooth flow of water at all times, reducing the water flow resistance, making the water more smoothly.

Heat-resistant, high-pressure, to ensure that users can feel at ease

In fact, whether it is home improvement plumbing, or other purposes of the water pipe, in the course of the inevitable need to withstand a certain degree of heat and pressure, so the choice of water pipes heat, high pressure resistance is also very important. Liansu water pipes due to high heat capacity, are low thermal conductivity, but also can withstand the hot water pressure, it is understood that the temperature can reach more than 90 degrees. Therefore, it is not easy to cause the pipe to be hot-melted, and the pipe is strong and reliable, so it is also very comfortable when in use.

Environmental protection and energy saving, to avoid the energy loss on the way

Environmental protection and energy saving Everyone is talking about now, and many companies are also vigorously advocating. As a senior brand of pipe material industry, Liansu Pipeline also attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation. Taking its home improvement PP-R double color pipe, its thermal conductivity coefficient of PP-R double color pipe is only 1/200 that of galvanized pipe, Copper 1/1000, greatly reducing the energy loss of hot water in transit, energy-saving effect is better.

Corrosion resistance strong, not afraid of the late pipeline damage

Some water pipes may be buried in the ground for a long time with the soil "companion", and the soil is rich in some corrosive acid and alkali salts and other chemical elements, and the deep soil is generally very humid, which gives corrosive Strong acid-base salts provide a "hotbed," and most of the water-rich ions and chemicals in the building are chemically reactive, so both of these conditions can cause damage to the pipeline. However, there is no such problem with Liansu Water Pipe. Because of its corrosion-resistant material and no chemical action, no scaling and no rust, it can greatly avoid the problems of scale fouling and blockage of the pipeline and yellow stains.

Stable performance, greatly enhance the safety factor

Water pipes are what we use every day, so we must ensure that its performance is stable. Due to its strict selection and production control, Liansu Water Pipe has ensured the stable performance of the water pipe and ensured the safety and reliability of the pipe system during its use. It is generally not a problem to use it normally for several decades.

Easy to install, secure connection

Water pipes are generally divided into two parts above and below ground, the ground may be slightly more convenient for repair or replacement, but if buried in the underground pipe connection is not in place, or the connection is not close enough, if there is a problem, the consequences can be imagined. However, Liansu water pipes have good welding performance, both pipe, pipe fittings can be hot melt and fused connections, easy installation, connectors firm, with people comfortable.

In summary, look at the current home improvement plumbing industry, many brands, the plastic pipe plumbing does the heart of the user, the user's needs as a business-oriented development, the real concern from the user to start the problem, therefore, the plastic pipe can become Word of mouth brand in the minds of users is a natural result.

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