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Identification of true and false PPR pipe method

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Currently on the market 70-80% PPR tube is not a real PPR tube. In order to help everyone from the appearance and feel of the initial identification of authentic PPR pipe and fittings. Can refer to the following identification methods:


1. Product Name: PPR product name should be "hot and cold water with polypropylene pipe or" hot and cold water with PPR pipe "Where crown with ultrafine particle modified polypropylene pipe (PPR) or PPR cold water pipe, PPR hot water Tube, PPE tube, etc., all of which are pseudo-PPR tubes.

2. The product test unit is a non-professional unit. The contents of the test items do not accord with the contents listed in the standard of the PPR pipe. The product recommendation department or the product promotion department is false in the certificate issued by the department that does not understand the PPR product standard or has no PPR standard PPR.

3. Pseudo-PPR is slightly more dense than PPR. PPR tube landing sound more boring, pseudo-PPR tube landing sound more crisp;

4.PPR tube is white matt or other colors of matt, pseudo PPR tube bright or bright color.


5.PPR tube completely opaque, pseudo PPR tube slightly translucent or translucent. PPR pipe feel soft, pseudo PPR pipe feel smooth;

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