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How to identify the quality of PPR pipes directly from the appearance of good or bad

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1.PRP raw material is into a milk yellow! Can not be processed out of the white pipe that white milk color! If the water tube shows the color of milk white that business has two possibilities:

The company is located in:

(1) Plastic ingredients are added to the inside.

The company is located in:

(2) chemical material added to the inside - calcium carbonate! The two ingredients on the body are hurt! Good hose color should also be rendered creamy, very light kind!

2. The surface of the water pipe and the inner wall are smooth without bubbles.

3. Good water pipe is no bubbles, how to see the water pipes have bubbles, do not look at their sample tube, you can go directly to the B & Q to see that product in a scientific name {bridge bend}, soil name (bend) Accessories, look at the pipe ends, you will understand!

4. Wall thickness is very important, the general household d25 * 4.2, the wall thickness is 4.2, a good water pipe is relatively thick, there are many manufacturers cut corners, reducing wall thickness so that the wall thickness of only 4.0! These are the most direct can rule out the current market a variety of hanging debris what the national brand of trash brand hose.

5. No matter what imported products are produced domestically, the key is whether the domestic production of the machine is imported. So look at the brand to buy things, but also depends on the quality of products!

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