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Causes of leakage of ground heating pipes and treatment methods

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The water leakage is a more troublesome thing, not only to invest in financial resources, material, our normal life will be affected, as long as the quality can meet the national standards of the General Service life in 50 years or so, then why is there leaking phenomenon?

First, the quality of pipe not pass

With the rapid development of the warm tube, there are individual businesses shoddy, sales of poor quality warm pipe, profiteering, poor quality of the raw materials are not pure, poor processing precision, once used, the later life is not guaranteed.

II. Construction damage

Due to lack of industry supervision, the construction quality of various ground heating companies are uneven, some construction personnel do not comply with the requirements of the industry code construction, such as brutal construction, installation is not careful, resulting in damage to the ground heating tube, after the construction of the end also do not do the suppression test, for later use left

III. Renovation damage

Even if the installation of the warm tube to do a crackdown on the test, but in the process of subsequent renovation did not pay attention to, decorate the floor with warm ground nails, boreholes and other causes of the rupture of the warm tube, this situation has not been uncommon.

The above three reasons are the root cause of the leakage of the ground heating tube, once a leak occurs, we would like to request professional construction units to close the main valve of the waterway, and then to each of the warm loop in turn to suppress the test to find out where the leak point, to confirm that the leakage point in the loop after the floor, the ground to open to see the leakage point, analysis of the Find the person responsible for the compensation treatment, and then by the ground warm company technical personnel to the leaking ground heating pipe cut, hot melt reconnect, and do the test work, confirm no problem after resuming the ground.

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